“Exploit Today’s Uncertain Financial Environment to Jump-Start Your Sales!”


Discover the new top-secret weapon in financial market advertising,
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Dear Business Builder,

As sure as the Dow rises and falls, I know this:

Any stock can crash…

Any market can panic…

Any currency can collapse…

And any top selling financial product can suddenly flop – overnight – beaten by a different, stronger pulling ad campaign.

It’ s as true online as offline.

It’ s true with websites, infomercials, radio, print ads, or any other means of reaching your market.

And you can bet it’ s true about what you’ re offering right now.  You could be racking up 25%, 50%, even 100% more in leads, sales, and orders … and I can show you how.

Right about now you may be tempted to ask…

Just Who Is This Guy,
& Why Should I Listen To Him?

My name is Kevin Dawson, and what makes me unique is that I am your target market.  I specialize in writing financial ad copy that skyrockets sales for products and services.

And I do it like no one else, because I reach your target market in ways that only an experienced investor and trader can. See, some freelancers may write the occasional investment piece, but I have my finger on the pulse of what’s working and what doesn’t.

I’m the last independent financial copywriter still standing.  While all the other copywriters in this market have been snapped up full time by the big publishing houses, I refuse to work for anyone but my own clients.

Here’s my secret: I don’t just write compelling marketing campaigns … I get inside your customer’s head and make your product irresistible. So I know who your customers are, how they think, and what’s going to trigger them to buy.

That’ s right.  Every day I live and breathe in the very markets whose players you need to reach.  I got my start with Mutual Funds over 30 years ago, and never looked back.  Not even through the oil shocks of the 70′ s, or the booms of the 80′ s and 90′ s.  I traded stocks through the rocky 2000 – 2001 markets, even while the less hearty sat on the sidelines, nursing their wounded account balances.

I traded S&P and Treasury futures when the markets were rocked by the big hedge funds and sub-prime mortgage holders.  Recently, I’ ve ridden the dollar up and down in the major Forex pairs, and that ride hasn’ t stopped yet.

And this latest melt-down? I’m making my clients more money than they ever have before!

Whether the markets have been up, down, or sideways, I’ ve been there … done that.

I’ ve forgotten more systems than many people have traded.  I’ ve used tons of different technical indicators, automated systems, expert systems, news trading, fundamental analysis, etc.  It’ s been my life.  Some say it’ s in my blood.  My wife says, if she stuck a pin in me while I was sleeping, the Dow Jones quotes would come trickling out.

People often come to me asking for advice on trading systems, products, newsletters, services, brokers, etc.  Just to fend them off, I started to write about what worked and what didn’ t.  And I found I liked writing about the market as much as did competing in it.

I’ve found that people take my advice.  It sells like hotcakes.  And they take action on my suggestions.

I do know this much – every day, I work side-by-side with the people in your target market.  I see what they see, feel what they feel… the same fears and excitements… go through the same ups and downs … so I’ m uniquely positioned to help you sell your product or service.

“Share in My Obsession with
Financial Markets –
& Make Your Sales Rates Soar!”

Some people tell me I need more “balance” in my life, because I devote most of my time to the markets.  But that’ s where I discover the most effective ways to reach your market.  The more I stay on top of what’ s happening, the more I can help you can sell.

Balance?  My wife helps run my trading room.  My 24 year-old son trades the Asian session after working on sales copy.  My 20 year-old daughter, the one with the iPod stuck in her ears, talked me into buying a put option on Apple last year.  “Dad, like, the iPhone’s going to slaughtered by the new Droids.”  Okay, she was right this time.  She also watches Cramer.Kevin Dawson Financial Copywriter

So, balance?  I don’ t read People Magazine or The National Enquirer.  I read Forbes and Business Week.  I have no idea what Britney did this week, and what Dr. Phil had to say about it, but I can quote you the latest spot Gold price, and if Bernanke’s reacting to it.

I get my entertainment from being deeply involved in the markets.  Other than my own daily trading, here are some examples of what I would call victories:

·Devising a compelling new ad that blasts my client’ s sales rates through the roof by 300%!

·Planning lethal strategies that crush the competition, so my client is the last one standing in their niche, raking in all the cash for themselves

·Getting a 27% conversion rate increase from a new squeeze page, swelling their list with boatloads of new clients

Whether I’ m helping you market your product to other investors, or pulling the trigger on a profitable trade, I play to win.

But make no mistake about it … when there’ s money on the line, I play for keeps.   And I bring that same intensity to your marketing. I’ve shared all this with you not to brag, but to show you …

“How My Makeover of
Your Financial Marketing
Will Swamp Your Bank Account
With Floods of Brand New Cash!”

Selling to investors is a market unlike any other.  Financial people have seen so many offers they are getting immune.  But that’s not completely true …

They quickly rise to a fevered pitch when they see a profit makinghungry clients for your product opportunity if it’ s shown to them in a persuasive and compelling way.

You need someone who knows how to market to a conservative investor, and make them as excited as the most intense floor trader!  You want them fighting to get at your product.

Working with me, you’ ll discover:

The single greatest secret in advertising ever discovered that can multiply every dollar invested by 10!
Starving crowds in the financial markets, hungry for your products who will buy and consume them with the reckless abandon of sharks in a feeding frenzy
financial copywriting check The new most powerful “hot-button” words, and guess what?  They aren’ t the words “FREE” or even “NEW” anymore.   I’ ll bet your jaw will drop when you hear what they are!
financial copywriter check How the latest psychological research, unknown or casually ignored by other marketers, leads to dramatically higher response.  This vein of gold is being cultivated every day in research universities … and has been raided by my clients and me for years …  with virtually no competition.  You too will now know hidden psychological triggers used to make people leap at your offer, then buy in greater volumes, come back repeatedly, and with more frequency and higher buyer aggressiveness.
financial copywriter check Irresistible blocks of copy used to unconsciously persuade your prospects to buy
financial copywriter check The studies that show just how prospects actually surf and react online.  Smart marketers who add these peculiar secrets get so much success that they are counting their dollars with a shovel.
financial copywriter check The product launch formula that can add 200% — 500% in profits … on your first day, as well as the following weeks!
financial copywriter check Studies using 2-Way Mirrors reveal how your prospects open their mail,  how they read it, and how you can use this to generate higher sales responses
financial copywriter check Which ad beats which?  Results proven by split and multivariate tests on headlines, power words, guarantees, bonuses, etc.  In today’ s market, things change fast.  Many older things some marketers think are unbeatable don’ t work as well anymore.  I’ m a fanatic about ongoing testing, and you benefit from the latest discoveries of what’ s converting prospects into sales right now.

So you need someone who stays on top of the latest and greatest of what works and what doesn’ t.  You may even want to…

“Check Out My Samples To See
How My Marketing Can Grow Your Business”

Would you like to see some red-hot samples of cash-sucking copy I’ve written?  Check them out by clicking here.  But let me warn you up-front: when you take just one look at them, you are going to insist on becoming part of the Online Financial Copywriting Kevin Dawson Financial Copywriterexperience.  You’ll see how I can get you results – fast.

Please allow me an additional caution: even though I’m not yet asking for the $20,000-45,000 fees that my friends in the copywriting business are charging now-a-days, my time’s very limited.

Let me assure you, you can find cheaper copywriters out there than me. (And if you are searching for less expensive copywriters, I can even show you where to find them.)  But if that’s the case, you’ll likely cost yourself far more in lost profits than any savings you’ll find.  Because my results are second to none.

And this leads me to reluctantly ask …

May I be Blunt With You?

I am not your typical copywriter.  And to be frank, what I do is not for everybody.  There are simply some businesses that are not suited for this style of marketing, and I’d hate to be the one to break the news if I either can’t – or won’t – work with you.

So here’s the short list of who should not call me:

If you don’t understand the term “Direct Response Marketing.” You must have at least a grasp of the basics of direct response, just so we are on the same page
SPAMMERS or other shady people  — Sorry, my persuasive methods are very powerful, and it’s not ethical to use them in any dishonest way
You don’t have the decision making power to immediately put my strategies to work
Price Shoppers: Cheap copy actually COSTS you money — and time. It can suck your resources dry. Mine pays for itself over and over again.  If I can’t return your marketing investment many times over, I’ll know up front … and I won’t work with you.  So my fee will not be an issue.


The Online Financial Copywriting experience is about far more than simply writing ads. I build value into your business.

Let me repeat myself: I’ m not your typical copywriter.  I do things quite differently.  I take a look at your market, then I look at your competition, then I help you dominate your competition.

I’ll hand you unique strategies on a silver platter that no one else can supply.  And I’ll stay in constant contact with you … you’re not left searching for days without an answer (I typically reply the same day, or within 24 hours).  You’ll get access to my private email, so I can promptly give you the best marketing advice money can buy.

Simply put, you’ll get you the attention you deserve from the sole remaining independent copywriter in the financial markets. In fact…

I’m So Confident I Can Boost Your Response that
I Offer this Iron-Clad Guarantee:

If I don’t skyrocket your conversion, if your cost per lead doesn’t drop like a rock, I’ll completely rewrite your copy from the ground up,totally at my expense. Simply pass along the metrics, and we’ll work together to get your cash register humming!

I take your business as seriously as I take mine. Because my business success depends on yours!

But remember when we talk, don’t expect to hear a sales pitch.  I’m selective about whom I work with.  I turn away far more clients than I accept.

Maybe we’ll work together. Maybe we won’t. We won’t know until we look at your marketing needs.

So go ahead and fill out the form below for free marketing consultation now. (I usually charge $900 an competitive analysis of your site, including a DVD with marketing materials, and my advice.)

Take me up on my invitation for a free consultation now. Simply click here now, and we’ll get your business in the high-profit fast lane!

Yours for higher profits,

kevin dawson copywriter signature

Kevin Dawson, M.S.
Financial Copywriter

P.S.- Please remember, our consultation is not a sales pitch. It’s all about your business, your marketing and sales challenges, and ways we can defeat them. Whether we work together or not, I guarantee that you’ll come away with many new ideas on how to increase your response – and your bottom line.

P.P.S.- As of this writing, my schedule is already filling up spots for February 2014, with only a few left in between now and then.  Ever since this economy plunged, and barely “recovered,” things have been skyrocketing for my clients!

So I’ll tell you right away if I don’t believe in your project, or I don’t think I can catapult your income.  Otherwise, strap yourself in and prepare for the most thrilling ride of your life! Go ahead. Click here now

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